Become a Walker Ground Trustee


Experienced and committed Trustees play a vital role in running and governing the Ground and we are currently recruiting new voluntary Trustees and Associate Trustees to serve on our board. To help increase the representation on our Board, we are particularly looking for Trustees who have experience in legal, financial matters/accountancy, commercial negotiation, planning, funding procurement and grant applications.


It is expected that all Trustees are club members, have experience managing or working within a sporting facility or resident in the area and sympathetic to the sporting aims of the Walker Ground Trust. Trustees would be required to commit time to their induction, attending Trust meetings, promoting and representing The Walker Ground Trust, building relationships with the local community and developing themselves and the effectiveness of the Trust as a team. We estimate that Trustees will spend approximately 10 days a year on Trust business. This would comprise a combination of Trustee meetings, sub-committee meetings, organising and supporting Walker Ground activities and fundraising events.

Main Trustee meetings are held approximately six times each year and there are a number of other sub-committee meetings covering; Finance, Ground Management (Ground User), Pavilion (Bar and Catering), Future Projects, and Fundraising, together with Club promotional events and AGMs.

This is an opportunity to secure the Trust’s future and to improve the sporting facilities on offer.


If you are interested in joining the Trust, as a full Trustee, Associate Trustee or volunteer please contact the Trust via providing your qualifications and experience you can bring to the Ground and why you would like to become a Trustee or volunteer.






The Walker Trust are looking for volunteers to assist with advice or practical help on the following:

▪ Photography 
▪ Web Management and Design 
▪ Funding Bid Management

▪ Project Management

▪ Health & Safety

▪ Charity Law

▪ Planning Law

▪ Employment Law


If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Trust via providing details of your experience, what you can bring to the Ground and why you would like to get involved.