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The Walker Ground Terms Of Entry

Anti-social behaviour

The Walker Ground will not permit any action that may be perceived as intimidating - these include:

» Gathering in large groups

» Loitering in in corridors or the car parks

» Wearing motorcycle helmets or hoods

» Shouting, swearing or any other actions that could be unsettling to a member of the public

» Appropriate dress is required at all times.


No animals are allowed in any part of the Walker Ground, except working or assistance animals.


No busking, selling, leafleting, surveying, photography or filming, political activity, or any other form of commercial or lobbying activity is permitted in any part of The Walker Ground without a

permit from the Event Organiser. Where permitted a charge may be made for the permit.

Health and safety

No riding of scooters, cycles or skates.


The Walker Ground Pavilion is a no smoking zone. You may be able to smoke in areas outside.



No alcohol is permitted to be brought into the ground.  Bags may be searched on entry and any alcohol confiscated.. For legal reasons alcohol may only be consumed within premises that hold a relevant licence and all customers must stay within the premises where they bought the drink.



The Walker Ground staff are here to deal with any feedback you may have. Listening to the issue and seeking resolution immediately is our aim. All complaints will be recorded so that any

developing issues can be identified and resolved. Written complaints will be acknowledged with a written response.


Walker Ground, Waterfall Road, Southgate, London, N14 7JZ

Tel: 02088868381

Email: office@the walkerground.co.uk


Venue Tickets and Admission

The Walker Ground or its User Clubs are authorised to sell tickets to events as an agent on behalf of the promoter of the event (the "Event Promoter").

 All tickets sold by or on behalf of Walker Ground (the "Tickets") are sold subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Event Promoter and The Walker Ground.



Your Ticket

1. Please check your Tickets upon receipt. Your Ticket may be in the form of paper, mobile/bar code or chip technology or such other form that becomes available on the market.

2. Removing the ticket stub before entry invalidates the ticket.

3. Tickets cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged after purchase unless the event is cancelled, rescheduled or subject to a material alteration, except where an applicable ticket exchange or

resale facility is offered. (See full Terms and Conditions for details).

4. The Ticket holder has a right only to a seat/place of a value corresponding to that stated on the Ticket holder's Ticket and management reserves the right to provide alternative

seats/places to those specified on the Ticket.

5. Unlawful resale, or attempted unlawful resale of a ticket is grounds for seizure or cancellation without refund or other compensation. Tickets cannot be used for competitions, promotions,

advertising or hospitality packages without the express written permission of the event promoter. Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in the ticket holder being refused entry or removed from the venue without refund or other compensation.

6. The Walker Ground will not take responsibility for the validity of tickets purchased from unauthorised agents or other sources.

7. The Walker Ground is not liable for any Tickets that are lost or stolen.

8. Tickets are not refundable for any reason.

9. The Walker Ground and event promoter are not liable for any personal travel, accommodation or hospitality arrangements made relating to the event or the cancellation of the event.

10. Customers are requested to address any special access requirements in advance of their visit by contacting 02088868381

11. CCTV and film cameras may be present at the Venue. Purchase of a Ticket means you consent to filming and sound recording which may include you as a member of the audience and its use in commercial distribution without payment or copyright.


Age restrictions and children

11. All children must have a Ticket unless the event has other terms.

12. Children Aged 14 or under must be accompanied by an Adult Aged 18 or older.

13. Events may be age restricted and it is the responsibility of the Ticket holder to check before purchasing.

14. We do not recommend subjecting children to loud music over a sustained period of time.

15. Except for shows specifically aimed at children, accompanying adults should be confident that the child will not cause disruption to other audience members or they may be asked to leave the auditorium of the Venue.


16. You must produce a valid Ticket or Wristband to gain entry and upon request for inspection at any time. Failure to produce your Ticket or Wristband when requested may result in you being ejected from the Venue.

17. In order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all patrons, the Walker Ground reserves the right at its reasonable discretion to refuse admission without compensation.

18. To ensure safety we may conduct security searches of persons', clothing, bags and all other items on entry and exit and reserve the right to confiscate items which may cause danger or

disruption to the event or other patrons or are in breach of the Terms and Conditions.

19. Animals, with the exception of assistance dogs, are not permitted and on some events may not be permitted in the performance area. Customers are requested to contact The Walker Ground in advance for further information in this regard.

20. There is no re-admission once you have left a Venue unless a particular event has the facilities to accommodate re-entry.

21. In seated areas other members of the audience may stand up during the event.

22. Latecomers may not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.

23. In case of emergency please follow instructions and directions from stewards, staff and/or other officials.

24. Should you experience any problems while in the Walker Ground please contact the nearest steward as every effort can be made to resolve the issue prior to, or during the event.

25. It is the responsibility of the Ticket holder to ascertain the date and the time of any rearranged event.

26. The Walker Ground Pavilion is a no smoking venue. You may be allowed to smoke in allocated areas outside.

27. Customers may be ejected from the Walker Ground if, in the reasonable opinion of the Walker Ground, the Ticket holder is a risk to the safety of any patron; affecting the enjoyment of

other patrons; and/or the running of the event. Examples include but are not limited to being (or appearing to be): drunk or incapable or intoxicated, under age (where relevant), abusive,

threatening, behaving anti-socially, standing on seats, carrying offensive weapons or illegal substances, declining to be searched or in breach of the Ticket Terms and Conditions.

28. The following activities are strictly prohibited and may result in customers being asked to leave:

» entry onto the performing area and backstage or any other prohibited areas;

» unauthorised visual or audio recording inside the Walker Ground;

» standing on seats or climbing any fencing or other structure;

» throwing any object or substance onto the performing area or otherwise in the Walker Ground;

» excessive noise or the use of abusive language or gestures;

» unauthorised offer for sale or distribution of any newspapers, magazines, merchandise or other items;

» possession of any article which is or may be used as a weapon or missile;

» damage to or interfering with any property of The Walker Ground or Event Promoter;

» crowd surfing and moshing; and

» smoking anywhere inside any building in The Walker Ground.

29. Crowd surfing and moshing are strictly prohibited.

30. Loud music can damage hearing.

31. Please consider our neighbours and leave The Walker Ground quietly.


Cameras and recording

32. The use of unauthorised cameras, video and/or sound recording equipment during any event is prohibited and such items may be confiscated at the Ticket holder's own risk.

Food and beverage

33. No food or drink is permitted to be brought into The Walker Ground unless a specific event states otherwise. A variety of food and beverages will be available for purchase.

34. When purchasing alcohol if you appear to be under the age of 21 you may be asked for proof of age.

35. The consumption of intoxicating liquors is permitted only in authorised places and in accordance with the Licensing Act 1964 and the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act 1985

and other statutory or regulatory requirements that may come into force from time to time.



36. Official Merchandise is only available from official outlets within The Walker Ground. Please be aware of unofficial traders offering inferior goods.

37. All events are subject to licence.


The Performance

Cancellation right/right to make alteration

1. The Event Promoter reserves the right to make alterations to the advertised event, where the alterations are not material.

2. The Ticket holder has a right only to a seat of a value corresponding to that stated on the Ticket holder's Ticket and management reserves the right to provide alternative seats to those

specified on the Ticket.

3. For reasons beyond the Event Promoter's reasonable control, for example performer's illness or major power failure, the Event Promoter reserves the right to make material alterations to

the advertised event or cancel/re-schedule the event.


Refund policy

4. If an event is cancelled, you may be entitled to a refund from the Event Promoter, of the face value of the Ticket.

5. If the advertised event is re-scheduled or subject to a Material alteration (see below for definition) after the date you brought the Ticket, the Event Promoter will publish notice of this

and operate a refund scheme under which, if you choose not to attend the event, you may return your unused Ticket for a refund of the face value of the Ticket. Applications for a refund

should be made at the original point of purchase.

6. A "Material" alteration is a change which makes the event materially different to the event that purchasers of Tickets (taken generally) could reasonably expect. This is judged by

reference to the nature and billing of each event, for example: where, other than supporting acts, there is only one billed act, the non-appearance of the billed headline act will be Material; but

7. The non-appearance of a billed supporting act will not be Material, even if such act is not replaced.

8. Please note that acts billed as festivals or themed events are judged, for this purpose, by reference to the overall theme rather than the individual act scheduled to appear. (This

includes all events where the event name does not include reference to any specific act). In these cases, no scheduled acts may be considered as headline acts, regardless of their relative

fame or prominence in the billing.

9. You will not be entitled to a refund in the event of any non-Material changes to an event, nor is there any more general right to a refund for unwanted Tickets.

10. The Walker Ground is not liable for any Tickets that are lost or stolen.


Obtaining a refund

11. For information on the procedure for obtaining a refund, please contact the point of sale from which you purchased your Tickets. Certain conditions to obtaining a refund apply as follows: (i) the Event Promoter will only refund Tickets purchased from authorised agents; (ii) refunds will only be made on production of the whole unused Ticket; and (iii) refunds will only be made on

Tickets that have not been presented to gain entrance to the event.

12. If the advertised event is re-scheduled or subject to a Material alteration (as defined above), refund requests should be made as soon as possible after notification of the change and before the revised event.

13. If the advertised event is re-scheduled or subject to a Material alteration at short notice (within 1 week of the revised event) or is cancelled, refund requests should be made as soon

as possible after the original scheduled date of the performance.


Notification of cancelled/altered events

14. Please check before travelling that an event has not been cancelled, rescheduled or subject to Material alteration.

15. Information on such matters will be made available on behalf of the Event Promoter as soon as reasonably possible on The Walker Ground’s website at www.thewalkerground.co.uk. However customers are advised that the website cannot always be updated immediately and that circumstances giving rise to cancellation or Material alterations can sometimes arise

immediately prior to an event.



1. Customer details are managed in accordance with the Walker Grounds Data Protection Policy, a copy of which is available at www.thewalkerground.co.uk.

2. CCTV and film cameras may be present at any event at the Walker Ground. Purchase of a Ticket means you consent to filming and sound recording which may include you as a member

of the audience and its use in commercial distribution without payment or copyright.



1. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to exclude or to limit in any way any liability which the Event Promoter and/or The Walker Ground may have:

» in negligence; or

» for death or personal injury to any person caused by their negligence,

» for fraud or other wrongful act or omission.

2. Under no circumstance will the Event Promoter or The Walker Ground be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense, which was not reasonably foreseeable at the time the Ticket was

purchased or which was not directly attributable to any act or omission of the Event Promoter or The Walker Ground. Neither the Event Promoter nor The Walker Ground will be liable for any loss of enjoyment or any wasted expenditure in excess of the face value of the Ticket.

3. The invalidity or partial invalidity of any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall not prejudice or affect the remainder of these Terms and Conditions which shall continue in full

force and effect.

4. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England (or the laws of Scotland if you are domiciled there). Disputes arising in connection

with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales unless you choose the jurisdiction of your domicile in Scotland or Northern


5. Notwithstanding any other provision in these Terms and Conditions, no person other than you and us, has any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to rely upon or

enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available other than as a result of

the aforementioned Act. 3 August 2009 page 6 of 8 Walker Cricket Ground Trust

6. This service is provided by Walker Cricket Ground Trust Waterfall Road Southgate London N14 7JZ.


Variation of the terms and conditions

No person has any authority to vary or alter these Terms and Conditions unless such variation is in writing under the hand of the Chairman of the Walker Ground Trustees.